by Gwen Marie on April 25, 2017

Party  Perfect – Knowing how to pull off decorating a gorgeous tablescape and then adding all the food and beverages to make people swoon is a unique talent.  I recently came across an instagram feed called Casadeperrin that showcases some of the most beautiful tables I have ever seen.  The food and wine details are a different post.



This table was set at the Malibu Rocky Oaks Vineyard. The roses are perfect, the brilliant crystal and dishes glow in the midday sun and the view – well what can I say – its spectacular. Even though we don’t all have a space with all these attributes we can improvise and on a smaller scale have the same affect.  Say dinner for six with the windows thrown open so the breeze blows through on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Simple white dishes and clear glasses mixed with roses from Trader Joe’s.

Go all out and purchase Goa’s fabulous gold and wood flatware.  Set with Blue Fleu de Lis Chargers and plates by Heath Ceramics in Wildflower and add Chloe 24 kt god rimmed stemware.  You can find them on the Casadeperrin Instagram feed.



Blue Fleur de Lis Chargers and Heath Ceramics plates in Wildflowerr

goa flatware

Goa Flatware by Cutipol in 24 kt gold and wood ($493 – $530 for 24 piece set)

For a more formal party try this Christian Lacroix dinner ware and the Goa flatware.  The evening will be enchanting.


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