by Gwen Marie on September 13, 2016


Travel inspires my designs and one of my favorite places in the world for inspiration is Malibu, California.  I get relaxed there and inspiration is easy to find in the beauty of the colors the water can change to, the breeze that blows across the sand and the rough terrain that is completely relevant.  All these attributes are inspirations for rooms that are calm and inviting, sexy and vibrant.  From the pier you can see for miles as the rich layers of clouds and water intersect.  You can use the same layers to bring rooms into perspective and master there overall concepts.


The interiors of the café use raw wood tables, benches and sheep hides that are like the variations in the color of sand.  They bring in a rustic environmental vibe.   The Mediterranean inspired floor tile and iron fixtures  spice up the open air concept and extend into the room exuberantly.


Walking out on the deck through the blue, blue door there is no better feeling of calm. This is how places we design should always feel. Beautiful and calm.


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