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by Gwen Marie on March 9, 2017

Rooms just are not complete until you add the final layer of stuff.  You know, the hurricane vases, the books, the flowers, the sculptures, the lamps, the plants and other interesting object de maison – French for house stuff.

My favorite accessory to start with are coffee table books.  Rizzoli and Taschen are my go to sources for interesting, big and impressive books. Today at Rizzoli on Amazon they had books about Tom Ford for $110, Basquiat for $67.00 and Birds for $24. So irresistible – a colorful book adds an interesting focal point.

Tom FordBasquiat








Small and medium size sculptures add a dimension to a tablescape that makes for interesting conversation.  I have this Corbin Bronze ($2000.00) on my coffee table.  It speaks volumes about the woman in the house.  Dark and lovely, and unafraid to bear it all – well, mostly DARK.


The Egg & Dart Showroom in Denver carries Tom Corbin’s work in small desk top sizes, miniature and life size ($10,000 and up).   http://corbinbronze.com/category/toms-blog/











There is something about green vegetation and colorful flower arrangements ($350.00 at Happy Canyon) that add texture and a vibrant and peaceful touch – RIGHT?   Once I get the flowers in place I take the tablescape a step further and add something surprising – a golden buddha head ($325.00 at Asian Treasures), a tray ($110 from Etsy) filled with shells/magazines or a box from Tibet.  These objects will speak of places in our hearts or people we want to remember.  Put them out on the table and invite connections to happen.  Happy accessorizing!










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