by Gwen Marie on August 8, 2016

To design a beautiful dining room begin with the right chairs and table.  The comfort level of the chairs means guests will linger longer and the table size will determine the feast a host can prepare to impress.  Just be sure there is room to walk around behind the chairs once the table is in the room.  This dining room sports a trestle table from Fremarc and dining room chairs purchased on line.  They were reupholstered by A&B Riley in a resilient linen that was stain proofed.  Their clean lines gave the room a formal quality without making it too stuffy. If you have some nice chairs but simply want to update their look consider reupholstering them.  Use an exciting pattern on the end chairs to mix it up and create a bold statement.


Another key element to a beautiful dining room is the drapes.  Simple side hangs are efficient if hung from rods with decorative end finials to give them a formal elegance.  I think the drapes should always be backed – especially in Colorado where the harsh sun can fade and even disintegrate fabrics such as silk. If your budget permits by all means do a full set of drapes for maximum impact.  Nothing says look at me like a window dressed in rich fabric.

I also recommend wallpaper to give your dining room a bit of excitement.  Large prints are perfect to make a statement. Of course by just adding a great paint color like the purple featured below you can also accomplish drama that will stimulate the senses.

Dining Room by Martin Lawrence Bullard

purple9 martinlawrence

Last but not least a chandelier over the table, a rug under the table, and on the table an arrangement made of natural florals, will finish off the look of the one room in the house you can design just to impress and entertain guests.




From Ho-Hum to Fabulous

April 20, 2016

We took the old oak cabinets in a Victorian house and replaced the door fronts with a flat panel design.  They boxes and doors were stained  to create a modern and contemporary look that is both efficient and beautiful.   The owner, an engineer with specific taste, was instrumental in directing the design as he had previously used concrete in […]


The House that Brad Built

March 2, 2016

Building a house from scratch is challenging because all the parts have to eventually stand as a whole. My signature white kitchen in this home didn’t leave anything out.  This beautiful kitchen has plenty of bells and whistles and looks cheery and airy.   The dark wood floors are absolutely rich next to the white cabinets. The sparkle from the brushed nickel […]


Architectural Matters

December 22, 2015

Just returned from LA where I indulged in a visit to the LACMA’s  (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) retrospective of Frank Gehry’s architectural wonders.  His buildings are unusual in their complexity and creative intelligence, and blend almost unharmoniously with the landscapes they adorn – they are brilliant.  My first Gehry experience was the Guggenheim Museum Balboa, […]


Gathering at the Table

November 17, 2015

Beauty is conducive to humanities civility I want to share an event that made me think our world needs more gathering at the table in beautiful spaces to get in touch with our need for human dialog and respect.  This event took place at Munson Farms in Longmont, Colorado and was sponsored by Outstanding in the Field.  People came […]


Simple and Elegant Interiors – Mighty Millions Show Home for Children’s Hospital

September 4, 2015

  Its been a few months since we finished the Mighty Millions charity show house.  The design team included Gwen Smith-Ehrlich of G Marie Interiors, Sara Noel and Terri Birdsong.  Much of the design was finished in four months and it was grueling with 10 hour days of shop until you drop six days  a week.  […]


Dream Big and Relax

October 1, 2014

We didn’t design this room around the artwork but the artwork is definitely important.  From Quang Ho to Daniel Sprick (who is featured in the Denver Art Museum) the collection is impressive, colorful and inspiring.  The old English prints of landscapes juxtaposed with the contemporary art is a statement that everything works well together. The tufted sofas […]


TIME TO DESIGN – My World in Watercolor

May 9, 2012

Watercolor paintings are a great medium to decorate any space.  Its fresh, its flowing and its fabricated to bring you a whimsical feeling of joy.  I bring it to you with exuberance.  Opening Night – May 4 at Gallery 12 – 291 KALAMATH, Denver, CO.  “Prarie Madness”  16″ x 20″ framed  $450.00  SOLD  “Fresh Fish”  12″ x […]